Studying abroad : Application Process

Right time to start:

Students seeking to study abroad require doing proper documentation at least 3 months before the due date or deadline of educational institute related to academics, letters of recommendation, objective, documented related to finance etc so that they can get admission hassle free..

Source of application forms:

Now a days, students willing to study abroad can fill the application form in preferred universities online. Those students who completed GRE test and applied for educational institute of their choice get an application form from renowned university once they qualified the eligibility criteria.

Filling up application form:

A student has to be very careful in filling the application form and keep below mentioned considerations in mind before filling it.


To avoid any spelling mistake and incorrect info related to name (First or surname), students should take a photocopy of the original application and filled it. Once reviewed, he/she can fill the original application form.

List of documents to be submitted to the preferred college/university:-

1.Academic Documents

Every student has to submit records of all academic courses and grades ranked in an educational institution signed by presiding official and also have the seal or certified stamp of the issuing institution on all pages of the document.

2.Statement of Purpose (SOP)-

Students desire to study abroad must know the specific graduate program he or she want to seek and in which university he or she want to get admission as per their education and skills level.

3.Recommendation Letters-

Recommendation letters are based on abilities and qualification of students which is judged at bachelor, master or Ph.D. level to provide an opportunity for job placement or other opportunities.

4.Bank Statement

Students who want to study abroad is required to submit financial document where he or she has to disclose the currently available funds to confirm student is capable of depositing tuition fee of the course and living expenses while living in foreign country.

5.Non Judicial Stamp Paper-

A Students has to submit Affidavit with 20 INR Judicial Stamp Paper signed by the sponsor, properly witnessed disclosing financial support to the student education.

6.Application fee:

A Student has to pay the application fee as per specific country he or she is interested in studying.

7.Covering letter:

Students who have given a standardized test but not unable to mention test scores or for students who did graduation or post graduation but unable to provide percentage due to late results, they can fill covering letter with an explanation.